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Emergency teams are entrusted to Allison gearboxes



Allison Transmission designs and manufactures fully automatic transmissions that meet the shortcomings of emergency response teams such as firefighters and search and rescue teams. Allison’s Uninterrupted Power Technology™ delivers 35 percent faster acceleration than average in superior vehicle take-off and continuous power transfer to the wheels. It provides more maneuverability in narrow city streets.

Conditions such as traffic jams, narrow streets, and the need for high speeds are among the daily challenges faced by fire and rescue team drivers. In these harsh conditions, Allison fully automatic transmissions provide superior vehicle control and smooth maneuverability. Unlike manual or automated manual transmissions, Alison gearboxes have a patented torque converter that provides smooth progressive movement and eliminates undercarriage shocks, instead of a dry clutch.


Tailoring to the requirements of the operations

Allison offers fully automatic transmissions to suit the needs of every fleet. While the 1000™ Series is designed to meet the operational needs of ambulances, firefighters, and command vehicles, the 3000™ and 4000™ series are the ideal solutions for special purpose vehicles such as turntable ladders, cranes, firefighting water supply vehicles, and airport fire trucks.

In addition, Allison fully automatic transmissions are equipped with advanced programming and 5th generation electronic controls with cutting-edge software to provide ideal shift schedules and safety-related functions for emergency applications. PTO options that provide maximum power to special equipment are also available. The 3000 and 4000 model series, with hydraulic retarder options, meet almost all emergency braking needs in almost every situation.

Offering valuable transmission solutions around the world, Allison Transmission also helps fire, rescue, and emergency teams to protect people’s life and property safety more effectively.