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Unbeatable cycle time with outstanding surface finish quality



With the JUTWIST 2000 high-speed grinding machine, the worm shaft profile can be machined from blank. The new machine concept makes it possible to grind workpieces with up to six starts with a clamping length of up to 300 mm and a swing diameter of up to 50 mm – all in a single clamping set-up.

JUNKER claims that the new machine concept is completely replacing the previously common manufacturing processes, such as milling, spinning, or rolling, with grinding. JUNKER’s grinding method does away with the familiar disadvantages, such as high tool costs for milling, limited usability for only certain thread forms when spinning or a design that is suitable only for soft materials when rolling.

Which worm shafts can be?

  • Right-hand and left-hand threads
  • Open and closed profiles, as well as profiles that are closed on one side
  • Shafts with up to six-start threads
  • Various materials
  • Variable angles of inclination

The future solution for processing worm shaft profiles

Grinding with the JUTWIST 2000 combines all the advantages of the previous methods while also overcoming their disadvantages.

JUTWIST offers:

  • Low tool costs
  • High output quantities
  • Long tool life
  • Lasting flexibility for a variety of different workpieces
  • Multi-start threads
  • Powerful machining operations