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GF Hakan Plastik Domestic Sales Group Manager Ozan Hatipoğlu shared the evaluation of 2022



Ozan Hatipoğlu, GF Hakan Plastik Domestic Sales Group Manager, touched upon the sectoral problems in his assessment for the year 2022. He underlined that innovation will be the value that makes a difference.

Ozan Hatipoğlu made the following statements:

“Although the direct share of the construction sector in the GNP is calculated as ~5%, its share in the economy reaches 30% with its direct and indirect impact on more than 200 sub-sectors connected to this sector. However, the construction sector, which is the locomotive of our country’s economy, has continued to decline since 2018 on a quarterly basis.

Especially in the process that started with the pandemic, the raw material supply problems in the international market and the logistics crisis that started in parallel, combined with the exchange rate effect, triggered the problem of increase in input costs until the end of 2021. The instability in the world economy in 2022 and its impact on Turkey, as well as the difficulties in accessing finance, inflation and the increase in energy costs have come to the fore. In 2023, the course of the construction sector in the domestic market is likely to be determined by the possible supportive and expansionary policies to be implemented before and after the election.

As GF Hakan Plastik, we have continued to progress and develop in line with our strategic goals, despite all the negative conditions, in this last 5 years. With the confidence and privilege of being a GF company, we will continue to grow with value-added projects, increase customer proximity, increase our cooperation with Georg Fischer Global, and observe and develop our business partners with our wide product range in the superstructure, infrastructure and industrial segments.

The fact that 100% Green Energy was started to be used in our Çerkezköy facility in 2022 and the investments made in projects focused on electricity and water savings in our facilities in terms of energy efficiency were important steps taken for both efficient use of resources and a sustainable world. Our eco-friendly, low carbon footprint products, Aquayststem PP-RCT pipe system, which helped us to receive various awards in 2022, our PP-based halogen-free Silenta Extreme pipe system developed to increase building safety and living comfort, Cool Fit for energy saving, water hygiene and energy efficiency. We continue to offer the most accurate solutions to our customers in line with their needs, with many innovative products such as the Hycleen Automation System to save money. In addition, in 2023, we will be offering our entire PVC product range to the market as environmentally friendly and lead-free.

The number of green buildings that save energy, are environmentally friendly, and have carbon footprint calculations is increasing day by day in the world. Various government incentives to be provided for innovative products and manufacturers to be used in these projects will further motivate the sector in this regard. Thus, companies will contribute to the country’s economy by turning to savings-oriented and value-added products. It is inevitable that this race for innovation will take the market and the industry to a very different point with its win-win strategy.”

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