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We are media partners with Wind Europe for Electric City 2021



Gazete Makina has been the media partner of Electric City 2021 Conference, organized by Wind Europe.

Your on- and offshore wind conference with a new perspective

Wind power is set to become central to the decarbonised electricity system of the future. The Conference at Electric City 2021 will address the many opportunities – and challenges – that this brings.

What we can (and must) do better

From design to decommissioning, through operations and financing, we need to up our game in order to fulfil our potential.

Wind energy needs to stay ahead of the curve and remain the most competitive source of clean energy available in Europe.

The conference will address how we meet this challenge.

New power also brings new responsibilities

If wind energy is going to be at the heart of Europe’s decarbonised energy system, this will bring new responsibilities.

In particular, we need a deeper understanding of the existing relations (and possible synergies) with other parts of the energy ecosystem.

The conference will shift the conversation by gathering experts in business, technology, research and innovation – from the wind industry and from other sectors.

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