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Wilo has been selected to join “50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders”



Wilo has been selected to join the United Nations and Bloomberg’s “50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders” global sustainability and climate protection initiative, along with 49 other companies operating worldwide.

Participating companies will act on the basis of the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations. Wilo Group President and CEO Oliver Hermes said, “We are proud and delighted to be part of this initiative. Wilo Group, the leading technology company in the pump industry, is dedicated to achieving better living standards Worldwide and increasing the efficiency of water management systems in the face of climate change. said.

According to Hermes, sustainability as a climate protection company is an integral part of Wilo’s corporate strategy. Stating that one of Wilo’s goals is to ensure that 100 million people have easier access to clean water by 2025, Oliver Hermes said, “Our products, systems, and solutions contribute to providing water to people all over the world in a smart, efficient and climate-friendly way.” 

Pumps account for about ten percent of global energy consumption. By simply replacing old technology with a new one, Wilo’s high-efficiency pumps can save up to 246 terawatt-hours, equivalent to the production of 80 coal-fired power plants.


Corporate political responsibility as part of sustainable activities

As part of the “50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders” initiative, participating companies will make a significant contribution to discussions about current issues such as environment and climate protection or social justice. At the same time, they will present digitally the results of their sustainable activities in short documentaries. “We have a clear stance on issues such as climate protection, energy, and resource efficiency, and digital transformation,” said Wilo’s boss. Together with our global network partners, we develop futuristic, climate-friendly solutions and proactively promote dialogue with political circles, businesses, and NGOs. Corporate political responsibility as a part of sustainable activities is a living practice for us. He spoke in the form.


Digital transformation and entrepreneurial role models are an opportunity for climate protection

TBD Media Group CEO and initiator of the campaign, Paolo Emilio Zanini, said that the companies involved in the “50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders” campaign have mastered the realization of plans and making a place for sustainability at the center of their business. ”During the coronavirus pandemic, entrepreneur role models are more than ever. “Digital transformation facilitates the path to an economy that does not affect the climate and should therefore be seen as an opportunity for greater sustainability and therefore climate protection,” said Oliver Hermes on this topic. “I believe that together we can slow down climate change and achieve global climate protection goals. Through this film, we hope to be able to encourage people to promote sustainability and climate protection across the company and national borders”.

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