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New solutions for the fire industry from MAS Group



Mas Grup is a prominent company in fire extinguishing pump groups. Apart from the product range, designs, and innovations developed in the sector, it exports its products to many countries of the world.

Providing information about Mas Grup’s solutions in the fire sector, Regional Sales Manager Ezgi Baba said:

“Our company has achieved serious success in domestic and foreign markets for years with its products that comply with UL-FM, NFPA 20, which are certified fire groups. In 2000, after for the first time we produced meeting the NFPA 20 standard production pump groups in Turkey, we’ve taken the full certification of UL -FM in 2009.

Our fire groups, which have a wide area of ​​use in industrial facilities as well as building sector applications such as housing and shopping malls, are shaped according to need. Depending on the area of ​​use, in electrical networks that are not supported by generator groups, our control panels equipped with many features and diesel engine groups against all kinds of security risks allow direct and immediate intervention to the fire even if the power transmission of the network is cut. In places with alternative energy sources such as generators in the system, uninterrupted security is provided by transfer panels.

The standards actually define the movement style of the pump groups and the properties they should have in case of fire. For example, the 150% flow rate rule in the NFPA 20 booth actually defines that a fire pump continues to serve without losing pressure when more water is required in the event of an emergency, and there is no need for a backup pump. The 140% pressure rule protects the security of the transmission lines by preventing the pressure to rise above a certain value without creating an additional load on the pressurized systems when the fire pump requires low water.

Based on this, the most basic features that a fire pump should have are a hydraulic horizontal performance curve, a reliable and proven design, the materials used in its content to provide the highest level of resistance to abrasive factors such as corrosion, rust, and problems such as jamming and locking. The fact that it has been hydrostatically tested against pressure fluctuations in the system with the highest criteria will enable the fire pump groups to serve successfully in the event of an emergency.

Our product range includes YNM (end suction) pumps with UL and FM certification, and YPSP (double suction) pumps with high flow rates. These fire pumps are manufactured with the utmost care and are supported by high-quality diesel and electric motors and control panel groups, which are completely produced in accordance with fire standards.

In addition to fire groups in accordance with NFPA 20 equipped with control equipment such as pressure switches, pressure gauges, as well as fire hydrophores produced in a ready-to-work position with collector and all connections, as well as with correctly selected diameters and installation elements such as valves and reducers produced in superior quality for water velocities in accordance with the standard our product range is completed ”.

Established in 1977, Mas Grup manufactures pump systems used in fluid transfer with two production facilities, one in Tuzla and the other in Düzce, and export to more than 50 countries around the world.”