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Design awarded boiler for your home from Bosch



Bosch received the prestigious design award Reddot with its new generation Condens 2200i W

User-friendly interface

Condens 2200i W makes it easy to use with its new generation user-friendly interface. The device is very easy to use thanks to its new user interface with 7 keys and LCD screen. Produced with high-end technologies, this product has a high strength and is very practical to use thanks to its user-friendly design.

Save time and money

It provides high savings with its 1: 5 wide modulation range and maximum efficiency. Thanks to its modulated burner, it adjusts itself to a temperature range between 20% and 100% of its maximum power, increasing and decreasing its performance according to the ambient temperature. You can compare this process to shifting gears on a road free of traffic lights and traffic only under certain conditions. In other words, it avoids waste of fuel by increasing energy efficiency.
It is always ready to meet your hot water needs with its hot tap water capacity up to 25 kW.

Compact design and easy installation

Condens 2200i W condensing small combi boiler can be easily installed in any corner of your home with its stylish and ergonomic design, without any space problem. It has a rounded design, is designed in conventional dimensions and is very light. Due to its smart hanging apparatus and high chimney distances, it provides a lot of convenience both during installation and in the discovery of the installation place. All internal components can be easily accessed from the front of the small combi boiler, thus making installation and maintenance much easier. This design, which provides users with practicality, saves both time and money during installation and maintenance.


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