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The future is also a question of development and adaptation



JUMBO BLOCK® is not a solution against climate change, but a solution to adapt to it. JUMBO BLOCK® technology can help improve the future of cities and rivers by providing modern flood protection and sustainable water storage.

The use of modern building materials and patented technology can prevent flooding. JUMBO BLOCK® also complies with the principle of concern of the Water Resources Act (WHG) and focuses on the sustainable use of resources.

The JUMBO BLOCK® solution offers a wide range of benefits for municipalities, industry, urban planners, landscapers and architects who require retention, water storage and infiltration basins.

The system is flexible and adaptable to different requirements as there are no volume or configuration limits. It thus allows optimal use of available space and is environmentally friendly as it does not pollute soil or water bodies. It helps reduce land sealing by being able to be installed underneath already sealed surfaces.

JUMBO BLOCK® uses IOTA technology to collect water level data and use it to develop suitable solutions for plant monitoring and flood protection. By using the data and the complete documentation of damage events, they can be made more transparent and safer. In addition, forecasts and developments due to climate change can be better derived to prevent disasters.

The JUMBO BLOCK® technology offers a solution for combining technical flood protection with ecological and economic interests. Overall, this technology can help to improve the future in cities and along rivers by reducing damage and making better use of resources.

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