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Anti-damping complaint for Turkish steel resulted



The European Steel Association (EUROFER) has responded to registration on Turkish hot-rolled steel imports well. The act can lead to the retroactive application of anti-dumping duties which were scheduled for January 2021.

In accordance with basic trade defense regulation, the registration of imports is a condition for retroactive application of anti-dumping of possible provisional duties in January. The registration supports preventing opportunistic import surges ahead of the imposition of later duties. Practically, any imports entering the EU from Turkey as of 14 November 2020 shall be subject to anti-dumping duties.

EUROFER Director General Axel Eggert said, “Anti-dumping procedures are slow and time-consuming to deploy”. “While the fourteen-month long investigation is ongoing imports will remain volatile and can quickly disrupt the EU market. Registration is, thus, a critical tool to ensure the effectiveness of EU trade defense instruments.”

Registration was requested by EUROFER in September 2020, in pursuit of an anti-dumping complaint submitted in May 2020. This anti-dumping case should return results in January 2020.