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Giant monsters, big gears



Big gear applications keep on amazing industry professionals all over the World. It’s another topic to write about these enormous elements, but watching these gears getting manufactured takes it to a higher level:

 Horsburgh & Scott

Horsburgh&Scott has built-in capabilities in gas carburizing, induction hardening, stress-relieving and through-hardening. The experience to see these gears manufactured is a spectacular one:

ATA Gears

ATA Gears offers intelligent mechanical power transmission solutions. These diverse applications offer improved availability, durability and safety.

van der Wegen Gears

Time-lapse videos are some of the best on the Internet and this time-lapse video of a big gear from P. van der Wegen shows the remarkable ingenuity needed to assemble these massive components. P. van der Wegen Gears is a family-run business (4th generation) that began in 1880 as a service shop for the textile industry.

F.L. Smidth

The MAAG CPU Gear unit represent the classic central drive for ball mills. With it’s two-stage planetary gear arrangement it delivers high productivity for ball mills.

Ferry Capitain

And how are these enormous components transported ? Here is examined by a sample in France in 2019.


It’s quite not possible to bring about the biggest gear into stage, because at the moment, a new one is being manufactured. That doesn’t stop X-Machines showcasing one of the biggest gears in our industry:

Girth Gear at HMC

Here is a step-by-step video at the manufacture of a girth gear at HMC highlights.


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