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TMGD as the first Turkish company to validate climate change activities via international validity



TMGD A.Ş. was certified by the German Accreditation Body “DakkS” as the “First and Only Approved Organization” in Turkey within the scope of ISO 17029.

TMGD, which will play an important role in the process of achieving Turkey’s climate change targets, has gained an important place in supporting the sustainability efforts of companies across the country with this competence.

TMGD, the consultancy company that offers professional, complete and solutions to minimize the risk by maximizing safety by maximizing safety for all the needs of businesses in Turkey, is certified by the German Accreditation Body Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DakkS) to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17029:2020 and DIN EN ISO 14065. Officially approved to perform verification activities according to :2022 standards. This document documents TMGD’s capacity to measure, monitor and report greenhouse gas emissions and reductions in various sectors, and attests to its ability to provide services in line with international standards.

TMGD, which received this document on July 27, 2023; DIN EN ISO 14064-1:2019 and DIN EN ISO 14064-1:2019 in sectors such as power generation and distribution, general manufacturing, metal and aluminum production, mining and mineral production, chemical production, carbon capture and storage, transportation, waste management, agriculture, forestry and other land uses It has proven at the international level that it has the ability to work according to EN ISO 14064-2:2020 standards.

TMGD CEO Arda Akın, who said that this development is a milestone for TMGD, which is the leader in the reliable realization of hazardous materials activities by considering human and environmental health and has 13 branches in 81 provinces, said, “This document also confirms the management system of TMGD, DIN EN It also confirms its general compliance with ISO 9001 principles. Our company’s receipt of this certificate means an important development for companies in Turkey to achieve their goals in the field of sustainability and climate change.” said.

The only organization that provides services with international validity

Arda Akın, who stated that with this certification, TMGD can offer a significant power to its wide customer portfolio in the global sense, said, “There are various national and international brands, including SOCAR Turkey, THY, Petrol Ofisi, LCW, Milangaz, Oyak, Eti Aluminum and Acıbadem. in line with the scope of ISO 17029 for the strategies it has developed on sustainability and climate change in the sectors; We are delighted to be able to provide ISO 14064-1 Corporate Carbon Footprint, ISO 14067 Product Carbon Footprint, ISO 14040, 14044 Life Cycle Analysis, ISO 14046 Water Footprint verification services. TMGD A.Ş., which is the 16th in the world and the first and only internationally valid verifier in Turkey, has the authority to validate all studies on sustainability and climate change with international validity.” said.

“Cooperation with SOCAR Türkiye”

TMGD A.Ş., which is in cooperation with the State of the Republic of Azerbaijan & Turkey’s Petroleum Refinery Giant SOCAR on Sustainability Service, provides calculation and analysis in 14046-Water Footprint Calculation, Waste Water Recovery, Biodiversity, Sustainability Report and all Sustainability & Climate Change processes. It serves as the first and only Turkish partner institution of SOCAR Turkey in the fields of verification within the scope of ISO-17029.

Sustainability in all spheres

This certification also highlights TMGD A.Ş.’s ability to develop innovative and sustainable business models. Aiming to increase the added value provided in the processes and services provided, the company aims to embed sustainability in every aspect of its business strategies and operations to handle every detail from energy and emissions to investments and due diligence.

Sustainability Services Consultancy; extending to carbon, water, energy, waste and sustainable materials, sustainable systems, supply chain optimization and diversity, equality and inclusion, TMGD A.Ş. and continues to work in order to keep up with the radical changes it aims in the industries.

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