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Okuma combines robots and lathe for automation



Okuma Corporation, leading CNC machine tools manufacturer, based in Japan, is now offering a new combination of lathe and robot system. The system is  designed to smooth the path for manufacturing companies who wish to accelerate the transition into automation.

Users can benefit from a flexible automation solution with impressive cutting performance on the entry-level GENOS L3000-e Standroid — a horizontal universal lathe equipped with flat guides and a solid turret design. This results in excellent machining performance with maximum tool life and long-term precision.

The new model is offered as an automated package with robot, completely equipped and ready to use. Its comprehensive accessories package is supplied as a standard and includes an integrated motor spindle with three-year spindle warranty, NC tailstock, chip conveyor, and a toolholder package, as well as a three-jaw hollow chuck. A proven ‘thermo-friendly’ concept developed in-house consistently ensures the highest workpiece accuracies, even with differing environmental conditions.

Simple operation

The Okuma Standroid robot system is part of the Okuma Roid series. It has been specially developed for the automation of small and medium-batch sizes. Since it features the new Roid Navi system with a dialogue user interface, no prior robot knowledge is required.

Jakob Simon, Okuma Europe GmbH automation specialist, said: “A small footprint and optimised operation makes the GENOS L3000-e Standroid a dedicated tool to increase productivity and maximise machine utilisation.

The intelligent OSP-P300LA Okuma control software makes it easier to operate and also leads to shorter set-up times. Additionally the machine and the robot are both integrated into the proven Collision Avoidance System (CAS). This makes the whole system safe to operate at all times.


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