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Kargoist: E-commerce is entrusted



Kargoist has made a name for itself in the market, especially by bringing technological innovations to e-commerce transportation. One of them is the last mile… The last leg of a supply chain management that ensures that goods brought into a warehouse are fully packaged and shipped directly to the customer.

Kargoist, which has grown by 300% in 2020, when the pandemic started, and 300% in the next 2021 with the same success rate, and carrying only 9.5 million e-commerce products last year, owes this high growth to its flexible structures as well as keeping service quality in the foreground.

Kargoist set out with the aim of innovative solutions to the problems in e-commerce logistics that developed as it grew and became a growing brand in a short time. Moreover, Kargoist is active not only in software but also in field applications. Cargoist, which is the first company in distribution by scooter in Turkey, has achieved a faster and more practical distribution network with the diversity in delivery models.

Kargoist, which has implemented Turkey’s innovative cargo system, demonstrates its determination to stand by e-commerce companies with fast and guaranteed cargo solutions during November and December, when online shopping will be the busiest.

Kargoist, which will carry the cargo that everyone is excitedly waiting for to arrive, in the fastest and safest way, during these two months when the favorite lists are the most full, from Black Friday to Christmas shopping, is ready for this intensity with all its facilities and technology.

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