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FIDIA comes for high performance new numerical control C40



Amongst Fidia range, the C40, being the leading control, offers specific solutions. These have been developed for ensuring high level performance for high speed machining on 5 or more axes.

The C40 control is ideally suited for the milling of aeronautical components and moulds & dies. As known by the industry, high feeds are required together with high precision for these areas. The RTCP function, that simplifies the use of 5-axis machines, and the Velocity 5 technology, combining high speed with excellent quality, take advantage of the processing power of the C40.

Complete and simultaneous control

The dual monitor configuration allows for full and simultaneous control of the machine tool parameters and user applications. For example, the machine tool data can be displayed at the same time as the ViMill anti-collision software screen or images from machine mounted cameras, or also images from other display or simulation software.

Fidia C40 performs all different kinds of machining in the most effective way, thanks to the wide range of available functions. Machine tool operators, as well as CAM engineers, can easily assess the best approach to each machining function, supported by a complete set of CNC features that allow the best flexibility and efficiency under any condition.