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We pay 4.5 billion euros a year for automotive spare parts




It was reported that the spare parts trade volume in the Turkish automotive after-sales sector reached 4.5 billion Euros annually. It was also announced that this volume in the world automotive industry is 350 billion Euros per year. The traditional annual congress of Groupauto International, the global leader in the spare parts trade of passenger, light and heavy commercial vehicles, was held in Istanbul this year. At the Istanbul meeting of the group, which operates in 109 countries on 5 different continents, representatives held one-on-one meetings with global OEM spare parts manufacturers.
Nearly 400 representatives of 34 Groupauto companies operating in various countries of the world and senior managers of global spare parts manufacturing companies also attended the annual congress in Istanbul of Groupauto International, of which Groupauto Turkey is the founding partner and shareholder. Addressing representatives from all continents of the world at the opening of the congress, Groupauto International President and CEO Holger Hellmich said that Groupauto International consists of more than 2,000 distributors that distribute passenger car, light commercial and heavy vehicle spare parts, and its total annual turnover is more than 30 billion Euros. Pointing out that “The annual volume in this sector in the world automotive industry is around 350 billion Euros. As a group, we continue our activities with more than 4,000 distribution and sales points globally. “Turkey is one of the locomotive countries for our group,” he said.

Local Market of 4.5 Billion Euros

Eyal Tarablus, Member of the Board of Directors of Groupauto International and Deputy Chairman of Groupauto Turkey, who made the opening speech as the country where the congress was held, pointed out that Turkey’s automotive after-sales sector is a growing market and said, “Groupauto Turkey, which has left its 30th year behind, has With its development, it has become one of the top 5 countries with the highest revenue within Groupauto International. An annual trade of 4.5 billion Euros takes place in the passenger car, light commercial and heavy vehicle spare parts sector. In this business line, Groupauto Turkey has 23 business partners covering central purchasing, logistics and related services. As of 2023, Groupauto Turkey, as the industry leader with 104 sales points, 310,000 m2 storage area, and 2,050 employees in Turkey, is growing in parallel with the ever-changing market conditions and creating additional benefits for its business partners. ” said.

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