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IFS PSO solution reduces fuel costs and carbon footprint



IFS’ award-winning Planning and Scheduling Optimization (PSO) solution especially reduces the travel time of technical service employees by 35% to 50%, enabling the company’s resources to be used wisely while saving costs.

The use of fossil fuels is the source of millions of metric tons of CO2 emissions worldwide. These emissions are among the important triggers of the global climate crisis. Despite the current positive developments, efforts seem to be insufficient yet. At this point, IFS, which produces and develops integrated Enterprise Business Applications (ERP/EAM/FSM) for manufacturing, distribution, service and maintenance-repair companies around the world, offers an important solution. IFS’ award-winning Planning and Scheduling Optimization (PSO) solution helps sensitive companies reduce their carbon footprint, while significantly reducing fuel costs and achieving maximum efficiency with limited company resources.

IFS’s PSO solution reduces travel times for many technicians by 35% to 50%, resulting in both wise use of company resources and cost savings. With this solution, the workload of existing field service engineers is reduced and unnecessary field visits are eliminated, thus reducing the carbon footprint. With machine learning (ML) integrated into the solution, the accuracy of job times, scheduling and scheduling is constantly increasing. In addition, this system, which learns how long each technician needs for different jobs, creates a unique identity for field service engineers and ensures that each job is matched with the most suitable engineer. Thanks to these features, jobs are completed more quickly and efficiently, customer satisfaction is increased and the efficiency achieved over time is increasing.

Using the advantages of the IFS Planning and Scheduling Optimization solution; CoolSys, the US-based HVAC/R services parent company with key customers such as Amazon, Target, Starbucks and Walmart, reduced the average travel time of technicians by 35% and Mitie, the leading UK facilities management company, increased work order volume by 73% and reduced outsourcing by 49%.

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