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MakinaRocks, AI solution provider, announced the memorandum agreement with Hyundai Robotics, on the cooperation in developing AI-based anomaly detection for industrial robot arms.   

MakinaRocks develops anomaly detection and control & optimization solutions for the industrial sector based on deep learning & reinforcement learning. The Seoul and Silicon Valley-based startup is currently partnered with global conglomerates in the semiconductor, battery, and energy industries. 

2020 emerging AI

MakinaRocks has been recently named a ‘2020 Emerging AI+X TOP 100’ company by PwC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers) and the AIIA (Artificial Intelligence Industry Association).

Industrial robotics leader Hyundai Robotics focuses on robots used in automobile and semiconductor industries. With deep experience in technology and research, the company pushes its business to the construction and F&B tech industries. 

In the context of the MOU, MakinaRocks and Hyundai Robotics will cooperate to further advance AI-based industrial robot anomaly detection. Joint development of deep learning models and operational frameworks for industrial robot predictive maintenance shall be utilized. To this end, companies plan to develop operating environments for deep learning models and integrating them with Hyundai Robotics’ Robot Monitoring System (HRMS). 

MakinaRocks co-CEO, Andre Yoon says, “The collaboration will provide new AI application use-cases, contributing to new value creation in the industrial robot market.” 

Hyundai Robotics Managing Director, Dae-gyu Yoon, states, “As an increasing number of customers request AI-integrated robots, an AI-based analysis platform for robot functions is an indispensable necessity. We plan to expand our userbase with robots that can autonomously predict failures and perform quality management.”