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Building Automation

More comfortable and safe living spaces from Somfy: Tahoma®



Somfy, the brand of building automation systems, aims to raise the standard of living with the Tahoma® Smart Home System.

Comfort, safety, and energy-saving together

Somfy’s Tahoma® Smart Home System;  connects all equipment, including motorized blinds, awnings, lighting, heating systems, garden or garage doors, and enables users to control them from their homes or from the outside whenever they desire.

Thus, a more comfortable, safe, and economical life is aimed in living spaces. For example, your garage and garden doors can be closed automatically when you leave the house, while your light is on as much as you want in the evening.

With the help of cameras and detectors in your home, it is possible to receive notifications instantly in case of an alarm even if you are not at home. For energy saving, your heating system and your blinds can work together and thanks to solar sensors, your blinds can be controlled automatically according to the level of sunlight.

Moreover, TaHoma® makes a difference with its user-friendly interface, easy access from wherever you are, practical installation, and useful features. TaHoma® is compatible with more than 100 devices.

Somfy Tahoma offers certified security solutions

Somfy uses the io-home control security protocol for the Tahoma® Smart Home System. The system also has a high-performance SySS security certificate.