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Giant leap towards sustainability from Borçelik: The first steel producer with Responsiblesteel™ certification



Continuing its operations in partnership with Borusan Holding and ArcelorMittal, Borçelik was deemed worthy of receiving the prestigious certificate given by ResponsibleSteel™ in its main production facility in Gemlik. ResponsibleSteel™ is the steel industry’s first global, multi-stakeholder international standard and certification initiative that promotes responsible steel production and sourcing. Borçelik, which has aligned all its in-company policies, processes and practices with the standards covering socio-economic and environmental sustainability issues developed by ResponsibleSteel™, has become the first steel producer in Turkey to receive this certificate with its Gemlik facility.

Borçelik, Turkey’s largest and highest quality galvanized steel producer, was deemed worthy of receiving the prestigious certificate given by ResponsibleSteel™ with its production facility in Gemlik. ResponsibleSteel™, which encourages minimizing environmental impacts in steel production processes and using natural resources more efficiently, is known as the steel industry’s first global, multi-stakeholder international standard and certification initiative. Borçelik, which was evaluated within the scope of the ResponsibleSteel™ certification process, which is shaped around 12 principles on environmental, socio-economic and governance issues, became the first steel producer in Turkey to receive this certificate with its Gemlik production facility.

ResponsibleSteel™, which was established and carries out its activities to improve the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of the steel industry with the aim of “building a sustainable future for the global steel industry”, focuses on different issues such as reducing carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency, and ensuring safe working conditions for employees. ResponsibleSteel™ also aims to strengthen cooperation with local communities and encourages steel producers to conduct various processes and dialogues to understand the social impacts in the regions where they operate and to ensure community participation. Thus, the processes of assessing and managing the social impacts of steel production facilities are more transparent and fair. makes it.

Borçelik is committed to complying with the highest sustainability standards

Speaking about Borçelik’s success, which is the first in the industry, ResponsibleSteel CEO Annie Heaton said: “For a production facility operating in Turkey to be entitled to receive ResponsibleSteel™ certification for the first time, Borçelik’s effort to become a leader in the Turkish steel industry and, more importantly, the company’s demonstrates its commitment to apply the strictest criteria for sustainability. The company is committed to reaching its environmental net zero emission target by 2050. Many energy efficiency projects are currently being implemented in its production facility to support this journey. In this context, the company also plans to benefit from renewable energy with the installation of wind and solar power plants. The facility implements its own water management program to monitor efficient water use and prevent anticipated future water shortages. It exceeds expectations with its efforts to minimize its environmental impacts. In terms of the value given to people, the facility; demonstrates great determination to ensure the rights, safety and equality of employees in the workplace.”

Borcelik joined the world’s largest steel production companies as a member of ResponsibleSteel™ in 2020. Following compliance with the ResponsibleSteel™ standard, the company was audited by leading independent audit firm UK CARES before being awarded ResponsibleSteel™ certification.

Among the world’s leading steel producers

Stating that, as Borçelik, they have carried out important and innovative work in line with their comprehensive sustainability targets in the focus areas of climate, people and innovation, Borçelik General Manager Kerem Çakır said, “As one of the leading and pioneering institutions of our sector, we carry out our activities in accordance with sustainability and responsible business practices. We are very proud that this approach, which we implement in all our business practices, has been confirmed by the ResponsibleSteel™ certificate. We are very proud to have signed another first in our country with this certificate we have received. “As a responsible industry leader, we aim to inspire change in the steel industry and contribute to a more sustainable world in every field,” he said.

Stating that Borçelik prioritizes its environmental and social responsibilities and proves its leadership role in the field of sustainability with the ResponsibleSteel™ certificate, Borçelik Sustainability Leader Serkan Ürkmez said: “As Borçelik, we went through a very intense preparation period together with our Sustainability Committee to comply with ResponsibleSteel™ standards. The standard’s environmental and social transformation expectations are quite high. At the end of this preparation period, a very detailed and challenging audit, lasting 14 days, was carried out by the leading independent audit company UK CARES.

We have successfully completed the m process. At the end of the process, we had the pleasure of becoming the first ResponsibleSteel™ certified organization in our country. “We will continue to be an example to our sector with our activities,” he said.

While Borusan Holding and Group companies see the principle of “Sustainability” as the cornerstone of business processes and handle it in a comprehensive manner, they carry out their work in the focus areas of climate, people and innovation. Borusan, which sees sustainability as a stakeholder-based structure and works to produce “benefits” for all life by incorporating nature into its business processes, is inspired by the world and inspires the future.

The sustainability principle of ArcelorMittal, the world leader in the steel and mining industry, is expressed as “smarter steels for people and the planet”. This principle is at the heart of the company’s purpose. Using innovative processes that consume less energy, emit significantly less carbon and reduce costs, ArcelorMittal aims to produce cleaner, stronger and reusable steel products, steel products needed for electric vehicles and renewable energy infrastructure that will support the social transformation envisaged for this century. aims to produce.

What is ResponsibleSteel?

ResponsibleSteel™ is a global, multi-stakeholder standards and certification initiative for the steel industry. It has adopted the mission of being a driving force in the production of net zero emission steel products on a global scale in a socially and environmentally friendly manner.

ResponsibleSteel members include some of the industry’s leading players, working together to minimize the impact of steel production on the planet and society. Businesses, civil society groups and other organizations from every link of the steel value chain are welcomed to join ResponsibleSteel™.

The main purpose of ResponsibleSteel™  is:

  • To provide a multi-stakeholder environment to create a climate of trust and consensus;
  • Provide standards, certifications and develop related tools;
  • To maximize steel’s contribution to a sustainable world through methods such as encouraging positive change through the recognition and use of responsible steel.

The ResponsibleSteel™ International Standard is designed to support the responsible sourcing and production of steel. It covers a range of sustainability topics including emissions, pollution, responsible sourcing, human rights, labor standards and more.

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