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Hermann Bettels GmbH & Co. KG acquires ENERCON rail company e.g.o.o.



ENERCON has reached an agreement with Hermann Bettels GmbH & Co. KG on the acquisition of ENERCON’s rail company e.g.o.o. mbH. 

As a rail operator with qualified expertise in the field of heavy load transport and handling of special-sized loads, the e.g.o.o. will supplement the portfolio of the Hildesheim-based holding in its transport logistics division. Jobs at e.g.o.o. will remain following the acquisition. The sale is being carried out as part of the process to restructure ENERCON, which will see the company focus on its core business of developing, selling, and servicing onshore wind energy converters.

‘We are glad to be gaining a new owner in Hermann Bettels GmbH & Co. KG that wants to develop the e.g.o.o. the business model further in a sustainable and future-proof manner with us’, says e.g.o.o. Managing Director Alexander Haeckel. ‘The Bettels group already has a key focus on the transport logistics area in its business activities. The e.g.o.o. will make the perfect addition to this portfolio. We are thus in good hands at the Bettels group.’

Energy efficient and resource friendly logistics

Managing Director and Shareholder Knut Bettels shares his opinion with us: ‘The e.g.o.o. will complete our transport portfolio perfectly. With its highly competent team, it will strengthen our endeavors to offer energy-efficient and resource-friendly logistics services to our customers operating across regions’.

ENERCON is currently shifting its focus to international growth markets following the collapse of the German onshore market. A stronger focus on its core business, namely the development, sales, and service of onshore wind energy converters, as well as directly associated areas, goes hand in hand with this. In the course of this strategic reorientation, ENERCON is parting with business segments that do not form part of its core business. In addition to a new strategic focus, the reorientation also comprises making structural changes to the company organization, a drive to develop new competitive and cost-optimized wind energy converters, and optimizing the global supply chain against the backdrop of tougher competitive conditions.


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