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A single device solution for all air conditioning needs of residences with Wisan



Combining Italian aesthetics with high technology, Clivet offers high-efficiency air-conditioning solutions for different commercial and residential applications, and with Wisan, the new member of the family, it meets all the air-conditioning needs of the houses with a single device.

Clivet Wisan Monoblock Heat Pump, offered for sale by Form MHI Air Conditioning Systems, one of the leading companies in the air conditioning sector, offers ideal solutions for the transformation of conventional heating systems in residences and air conditioning solutions from A to Z in new buildings.

Clivet Monoblock Heat Pump, which stands out with its features such as easy assembly, high efficiency, and environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, meets the consumers in nearly 100 Mitsubishi Heavy concept stores across Turkey.

With its compact design, Clivet Wisan, which meets all the air conditioning and hot water needs of a house without taking up much space, with a single device, draws attention with its easy-to-use features. This device, which also contributes to the protection of tomorrow by using environmentally friendly R32 gas, has many functional features. It is preferred by many consumers around the world with its easy installation as well as providing hot water up to 65°C. Clivet Wisan, which offers a single system up to 96 kW with the possibility of cascade control up to 6, can be controlled from anywhere with smart devices with its integrated Wi-Fi feature.

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