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Istanbul Blockchain Week, one of the most important blockchain events launches



Istanbul Blockchain Week, one of the most important events in Europe and Asia for the subjects of Web 3.0, De-fi, Gaming, takes place on August 22-23.

As Gazete Makina, we are the media partner of this important event, exposing our support for blockchain ecosystems once more.

Blockchain Week is organized by Web 3.0 PR and creative communications agency, EAK Digital.

The main event of the week, Istanblock, is performing for the second time. Under Istanblock,  is the official hackathon of Istanbul Blockchain Week, Istanhack.

In the past years, many web3 developers preferred Turkey. In the ecosystem, great interest has been showed for  layer 1 protocols. In this context, in addition to Russian and Ukrainian developers, enthusiasts in clubs and universities are also gaining reputation.

Istanbul Blockchain Week will focus on how the digital space, where web3 stands out, can be configured to benefit users.

IstanDAO, the global meeting of DAO pioneers, will be on IstanBlock for the second time. After the event, IstanDAO will pave the way for cooperation, sharing and discussion of the main problems faced by DAOs in order to establish the framework in which DAOs will be implemented.

Istanbul Blockchain Week draws attention with the variety of events. In addition,  important topics such as regulations, banking and DeFi, DAO, AI, Metaverse, Trading and NFTs will be the scene of conversations and panels.

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