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New tokenized video-based social network, CryptoKTV: Advantages and disadvantages



As Gazete Makina, we attended the Turkey launch of CryptoKTV at Shangri-La Bosphorus hotel. Our co-founder, Hakan Bilgehan, took part as a speaker. In his speech, he talked about the token economy, the independence of the media and the possibilities that crypto can provide for an independent media environment.

What is CryptoKTV?
CryptoKTV operates in a tokenized environment. It enables both viewers, users and content producers to earn local tokens, and token transfers can be made in it. In this way, a revenue stream emerges for the audience and content producers. Content production is open to both citizen journalism and professionals, Alone, CryptoKTV uses filters and moderation to combat fake news. The content is video-based and uses an algorithm like YouTube.

Comparison of CryptoKTV with examples around the world
There are examples of the model in the world, but it cannot be said that they are very successful. Different strategies are used in this model. In China, for example, Qutoutiao was recording 20 million viewers daily with this model. In India, Times Inernet Limited rewarded viewers with Timespoint. The reason why these channels could not survive today was due to the depreciation of content over time. CryptoKTV, on the other hand, brings together the Earn After Watching model and the blockchain model on the crypto axis.
The CryptoKTV token is in talks to be listed on Taiwanese exchanges. It does not support API and socket for now, but it may be based on collaborations in the future.

Opinions of CryptoKTV developer
The CryptoKTV developer we interviewed stated that they do not aim to attract mainstream media, organizations such as the BBC are already accessible from anywhere, so they rely on having content that will be produced entirely by the community.
CryptoKTV is also starting to include Turkish content support. This will be a first in our country in terms of such a Turkish social network.

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