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Japan taking leap in wind energy: A Smart Week



Worldwide, there is an accelerating shift to renewable energy sources as a result of steps taken towards decarbonisation goals.
Although Japan is a pioneer in the use of electric vehicles and similar topics, it is known that the Japanese government has just made new decisions and started to take steps, especially in the field of wind energy.

As an extension of these steps, the series of fairs organized by RXGlobal as part of Smart Energy Week at Tokyo Big Sight center in Japan, attracted great attention.
As part of Smart Energy Week, FC EXpo (Hydrogen and Fuel Cells), PV Expo (Photovoltaic Power Generation), Battery Japan Expo (Rechargeable Battery), Smart Grid Expo (Smart Grids), Wind Expo (Wind Energy), Biomass Expo (Biomass) , ZET Expo (Zero Emission Thermal Energy), Decarbonisation Expo (Decarbonization) and Circular Economy Expo fairs met with their visitors.

While it was observed that companies from Southeast Asian countries, especially Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, participated in the fair, turbine manufacturers, wind farm maintenance and repair service companies, offshore wind and marine equipment and solution providers, battery and marine equipment and solution providers from England, Ireland, Denmark and the Netherlands were observed to have participated in the fair as well as storage solution providers and manufacturers, and innovative companies in the fields of digital media and IoT.

Fair officials expressed their satisfaction with the interest shown; they stated that there is an increasing number of visitors to the fair day by day.
While a total of 65,200 visitors entered the fair in 3 days, 18,300 people attended the seminars. The number of registered press members was 450.

Participating companies stated that Japan is a fresh market especially for wind energy and they said that they are hopeful about its potential. Japanese companies stated that the parts and services of the projects so far have been supplied from various countries, but everything will be covered within Japan in the next period.