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Digital steps in quality management: Siemens



In today’s world, companies have to deal with product and operation costs. At the same time, they have to improve quality continuously, for it’s a highly competitive environment.

Siemens Digital Industries Software made the announcement for Teamcenter Quality software. It’s a new solution suite that provides a closed-loop perspective. It involves all the stages from design to manufacturing. Teamcenter Quality supports product development, quality planning, and continuum of improvement processes. At the same time, synchronization exists. Change management and collaboration management values, in this, case, maximize.

Matthew Littlefield, LNS Research president, and analyst says: “Given today’s product complexities and time to market agility needs, leading manufacturers include quality management into their collaboration, change management and data backbone, such as Teamcenter represents today”.

While the challenge for product and operation costs continues, the customers seek innovation, faster delivery, and cheaper products. Teamcenter’s new portfolio gives room to the engineers for considering the requirements for the design process at early stages and setting the parameters for catching the quality standards.

Cebi is a worldwide electromechanical component manufacturer for the automotive and household appliance industries. They have recently engaged in a long-term partnership with Siemens. The aim is to accelerate its digital transformation throughout the entire development process.

Cebi executive board member Paul Elvinger states “An important aspect in our digital transformation is to set up a common approach for managing product information and improve collaboration across Cebi’s global network, in which all the actors bring in their added value to meet customer expectations in terms of product innovation and quality”.

Siemens Digital Industries Software business development and marketing for manufacturing operations management vice president Dr. Raffaello Lepratti states “Teamcenter Quality provides a digital thread throughout the design and production phases, creating aligned workflows between quality, manufacturing and engineering teams to help improve collaboration and reduce the need for coordination”.

Access to Teamcenter Quality is through a modern web interface. It includes an AI-enabled user guide with Teamcenter Assistant functionality. 



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