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Fire distinguishing robots to the center of forest fires: TAF60 and TAF60X



While wildfires are heating the Earth nowadays, as a new technology, firefighting robots are taking the advantage.

Protecting human life, these robots can reach the impossibly accessible fire centers and can contain the fire.

With additional features like water atomization, fire distinguishing can become more efficient.

The TAF60 is the latest model of fire-fighting robots on the market and comes equipped with innovative new features. The previously known benefits of the water mist turbine on tracked vehicles are, of course, retained: thanks to the finest misting technology, the extinguishing and cooling effect of the turbine is extremely high (even with small amounts of water). The tracked fire-fighting vehicle itself is extremely agile, suitable for all terrains and can be completely remote-controlled. The extinguishing robot can thus be sent ahead in danger zones and protects the emergency services.

Among the innovations: the TAF60 can force through up to 6,000 litres of water per minute, which is a great advantage, especially for tackling large fires in chemical works and refineries. The total height of the fire fighting robot has been reduced to less than 2 metres, which means that the TAF60 can easily enter low buildings (such as underground car parks).

The optionally available central monitor, which can be swivelled to the side, opens up completely new operational tactics: while a hotspot is cooled with water mist, the monitor can simultaneously aim at and extinguish any adjacent embers.

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