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High performance thermal insulation with no jacketing requirement from Türk Ytong



The fact that the air temperatures around the world are above the seasonal normals brought the threat of climate change to the agenda again. The World Weather Attribution report, which examines the role played by climate change in extreme weather, explained that rising greenhouse gas concentrations have boosted Europe’s heatwave by 2.5 degrees Celsius above normal, and the world must adapt to higher temperatures. The report included measures such as people building heat-resistant houses, creating “cold centers” to shelter from the heat, and planting more trees. According to scientists, if fossil fuels continue to be consumed at this rate, the temperature rise will reach 2 degrees and the frequency of extreme weather events will increase.

Record breaking electricity consumption

A record was broken in electricity consumption in Turkey during the extreme heat that also affected our country. Increased use of air conditioning and agricultural irrigation led to consecutive peaks in electricity consumption in July.  According to Türkiye Elektrik İletim A.Ş. data, a record was broken on a daily basis with 1 million 77 thousand megawatt-hours in electricity consumption. It was stated that this use corresponds to an invoice of approximately 2.8 billion liras.

Total annual payment for heating and cooling homes is $40 billion

Pointing out that Turkey is foreign-dependent in energy, Türk Ytong General Manager Tolga Öztoprak said, “We have to use energy efficiently and develop savings opportunities in order to reduce the energy bill our country pays. Of the 97 billion dollars we pay abroad, we use about 40 billion dollars only to heat and cool our homes. According to TUIK data, approximately 29 million people experience heating problems in their homes due to insufficient insulation. However, we have the means to heat our homes with almost zero energy.” said.

Opportunity for thermal insulation in new residences

Reminding that with the amendment made in the Regulation on Energy Performance in Buildings, it has become mandatory to construct all buildings with an energy performance class of at least “B” as of January 1, 2023, and added that less energy is required for heating and cooling in new residences. He said that building materials that will enable its use should be used. Suggesting the Ytong – Multipor Facade System for the houses under construction, Öztoprak pointed out that it is a solution that will make both the investors and the people living in the buildings happy. “With the solution we call Ytong-Multipor Facade System, buildings get high performance thermal insulation without the need for sheathing. In this application, walls are built with Ytong 0.08 Blocks, reinforced concrete surfaces are insulated with Multipor Thermal Insulation Board. Our new wall material, Ytong 0.08, provides 40 percent more thermal insulation than standard aerated concrete. Multipor, our thermal insulation product, is a non-combustible, breathing thermal insulation material. We produce Multipor with completely natural and domestic raw materials. Since it is mineral-based, it allows the buildings it is used to breathe and prevents the formation of moisture and mold on the walls. With this system, we create non-combustible thermal insulation, an alternative to sheathing, that responds to all expectations on issues such as energy efficiency, fire safety and compliance with regulations. Ytong-Multipor Facade System returns to investors and residents as a smart investment that offers economic and high thermal insulation performance throughout the life of the building.” said.

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