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Pumps and Valves

VpCI®-649 Solves the Irony of Corrosion During Hydrotesting



Hydrotesting of industrial pipes, valves, and other vessels presents an irony. While hydrotesting is done to ensure that no leaks are present and that the vessel will hold up under expected operating pressures, it also raises the risk of corrosion by introducing moisture to the system. The same water that proves the vessel is not compromised can be the very cause of corrosion that deteriorates the metal and leads to leakage over time.

Cortec® now provides an excellent answer with the VpCI®-649 Series for hydrotesting. This is a unique concentrated liquid formulation that combines contact and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors. These inhibitors form a molecular protective layer on metal surfaces below and above the water level. VpCI®-649 protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is also available in a molybdate-free version (VpCI®-649 MF) for use in regions with molybdate restrictions. VpCI®-649 BD contains an organic-dispersing agent, and VpCI®-649 Winterized provides protection against product-freezing during storage.

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