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BBS Robot and K&S Intralogistics perform a robust collaboration



BBS Robot

Industrial automation has a dynamic world and strategic partnerships are key to addressing evolving challenges. The alliance between BBS Robot and K&S Intralogistics proposes advanced robotics solutions aimed at sophisticated automation.

Over 20 Years of Experience in Industrial Robotics

Thanks to the founders’ twenty-year experience, BBS robot is the point of reference for robotics in all industrial sectors. It offers a large catalog of scara robots, anthropomorphic robots, cobots and automation components, including Flexibowl feeding systems and mechanics dedicated to the welding sector. BBS robot has an unwavering focus on innovation and safety.

K&S Intralogistics: Specialization in Logistics Automation

Specializing in the integration of autonomously driving robotic systems, K&S Intralogistics stands out for reliable and tailor-made solutions. The objective is clear: to increase customers’ production efficiency through automated systems and cutting-edge software solutions in the logistics sector.