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BGVK has existed for more than 20 years, with more than 8 years of experience in the field of healthcare concepts. Headquarters are located in Lauterbach, Baden-Württemberg, surrounded by a thriving business community.

BGVK works with commercial customers and develop an individually tailored concept for each business partner that helps them achieve their business goals. BGVK is a concept for young and old.

The BGVK values ​​holistic well-being and offers services that go beyond the health concept. The company cooperates with a diverse network of professionals, including fitness trainers, studios, nutrition coaches and other specialists. This collaboration allows to offer comprehensive support in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. And they work with experienced professionals who share the commitment to well-being.

The BGVK attaches great importance to making a positive contribution to the community. The company supports local projects and initiatives that promote the social, cultural and environmental well-being of the community. Through collaboration with nonprofit organizations, schools and other institutions, BGVK strives to have a lasting and positive impact on the lives of people in our region. The company has an ambition about using their resources and expertise to strengthen and improve the communities they live and work.

Sponsored by Nicole Müller

Nicole Müller, being at 25 years old, already an impressive personality, as she is not only involved in sports in the Triathlon Schramberg team, but also takes part in the IRON MAN competition in Hawaii. She works professionally as a physiotherapist.

Cycling partnership with RSV Blitz Lauterbach

BGVK made a special collaboration and support the RSV Blitz Lauterbach, a cycling team. The members wear our logo on their jerseys.

This partnership allows to promote the sport in the community and share the passion for cycling. Together with RSV Blitz Lauterbach, company is committed to sporting excellence and fair play.

Donation to the Tannheim aftercare clinic

The BGVK supports the Tannheim aftercare clinic with a donation. This clinic does important work by continuing to accompany and support families with sick children after their hospital stay. With the donation the aim is to help the clinic continue its valuable work and offer help and relief to families in difficult times.

Our donation to the Holger Sieben eK workshop for the blind

The BGVK also made a donation to the Blindenwerkstätte Holger Sieben eK, which is committed to promoting and supporting people with visual impairments. The donation aims to ensure that the workshop can continue its important work to offer people with visual impairments opportunities for professional integration and personal development. For BGVK, it is an important task to improve the quality of life and equal opportunities for these people.