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Dienes sails with the possibilities of IoT



DIENES cruises the possibilities offered by the Internet of Things for further innovations. Industry 4.0 may be mocked as marketing hype, but the company allows the progressive integration of bus systems to meet interesting solutions to customer requirements by the engineers.

The path taken in 2006 to undertake engineering tasks for research institutes has resulted in highly flexible and modular spinning systems that are able to cover a wide variety of techniques for fiber formation through an open-loop control system.

The focus of recent years has been on processes for the production of high-performance fibers in the aramid, carbon, and ceramic sectors, here especially the solvent spinning processes.

The wet and dry spinning systems are made up of modular components and are intelligently networked via the MultiMode® control system. Research facilities, pilot plants, and small production facilities for special tasks are the focus.

The proximity to research institutes has led beyond the normal customer-supplier relationship to joint research projects, which have provided interesting developments and findings in the production of special fibers in recent years.

An example of this is a compact steam duct, developed in collaboration with a genius inventor, which has resulted in uniform heating of a high number of multifilaments, which had not been possible in this way before.

Furthermore, together with the ITA Aachen, a system was designed that accelerates the wet spinning process by controlled, multistage coagulation. For technical implementation, partners in the industry are currently being sought.

In addition, extraordinary processes to carry out reactions under the most difficult conditions, together with the DITF Denkendorf, have taken on a technological challenge in an EU project, which uses a PE precursor with the help of elemental sulfur to produce the preliminary stage to carbon fiber. As a result, significant savings in the production of carbon fibers can be achieved.

In the field of high-performance godets, DIENES focuses on special applications in the high-temperature range. Godets of over 500 ° C have been used successfully for years. Together with ITM Dresden, joint development of new processes for the production of high-melting polymers is currently taking place.

In addition, DIENES, with ingenious employees in electrical engineering and control technology, is constantly realizing new developments that are redefining Industrie 4.0 in the area of research and development. The systems are now equipped with high-performance processors that realize the necessary control speeds and the fastest communication between the modules. So, the equipment, not only documented everything, but it can also be operated from a mobile phone or tablet.

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