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Vast investment on geothermal chemicals from GREEN Chemicals



GREEN Chemicals Inc., which focuses on new product studies by closely following the developments in the chemical industry, contributed to the geothermal sector with the GEO-Treat® product palette. GEO-Treat® product palette is developed by following new technologies and R&D studies. Water will be used more efficiently and minimized downtime in the system.

GREEN Chemicals, Inc. presents its new product palette to both domestic and foreign power plants and thermal facilities.

Chemicals resistant to 240 degrees with R&D

GREEN Chemicals, which produces certified products as a result of the intense tests of the R&D department, appeals to the sector with its product resistance to high temperatures. The GEO -Treat® product range is a high-performance product that can prevent the erosion and corrosion risks that geothermal fluid used in greenhouse, thermal hotels, city heating, and electricity production areas may cause on materials and machines and contribute to the smooth operation of the systems. The most important feature of the product is that it provides full protection at temperatures up to 240 degrees.

Special products for thermal waters and city heating

The company, which produces inhibitors and dispersants designed to prevent the electricity in geothermal power plants, high-temperature water, and steam in the reservoirs from damaging the material and system, also produces new chemicals for thermal spa, central housing heating, and the technology of greenhouse heating with geothermal, which has recently emerged in agriculture, continues to contribute to the economy.

360 degree engineering with environmental production

Mr. Cengiz Ay made statements on the subject. In the information given by Cengiz Ay, he stated that they have experts in the field of energy chemicals within their structure as in other fields, that their representatives go to the customer and see the problem on the spot, and that they produce specific solutions for the target audience at the R&D center in their facilities with the samples they have taken. He said that they aim to minimize the input costs of their customers, ensure that the products produced are of high quality, and contribute to the world economy by increasing the life of the system. Cengiz Ay also; added that, as a company, they also pay attention to the reuse of water in enterprises, to reduce the consumption of water, energy, and chemicals, and to select these chemicals in a way that does not harm the environment and human health.


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