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HAQQ ecosystem aims to further expand the Turkish blockchain market



At the Istanbul Blockchain Week meeting, where DeFi enthusiasts and crypto pioneers came together, HAQQ network manager Zain Haider Awan shared how traditional values and technology come together in Islamic Coin, the investment value of crypto money and his predictions about its future.

Could you briefly introduce the HAQQ network?

We are HAQQ network, our currency is Islamic Coin. We are an L1 blockchain built on ethics and sharia compliance to reach 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide. Additionally, those who are interested in creating and implementing an ethical and sustainable financial and web 3.0 ecosystem are also members of our community.

How do you find the Istanbul Blockchain Week 2023 event you sponsor and the interest in the event?

Yes, the event is great. Since we are a Shariah-compliant blockchain, we of course also want to prioritize countries with large and significant Muslim demographics to find solutions. So far, it is really important that as the HAQQ network we have been able to host, sponsor and support local initiatives such as Istanbul Blockchain Week. We are the brand sponsor here and we also organize the Istanbul hackathon, which many young people and students participate in. Here, we aim to encourage faster development of blockchain technologies in Istanbul and make Istanbul a leading innovator in this field. There are also many coin-based rewards we offer to our participants.

Zain Haider Awan, HAQQ Network, CMO

How is the development and interest in Islamic Coin?

Interest is significantly high. Our community is actually made up of a population where the adoption of cryptocurrencies is not very likely. Crypto doesn’t seem halal in Muslim communities, but Islamic Coin is definitely halal. It easily overcomes this problem by giving fitra and zakat. As such, we currently have 1.2 million followers on Twitter. Besides, our HAQQ wallet, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store, has now reached one million downloads. Beyond all this, we are getting ready for our token launch in September.

Do you have any other projects especially for the Turkish market?

Generally speaking, everyone wants to use and access cryptocurrency, but what is more important for us is to have access to all talented Turkish citizens who can benefit from the HAQQ ecosystem. Because we are Sharia compliant and we are also building the HAQQ ecosystem to reach different demographics around the world. Istanbul and the Turkish market are among the major players in the DeFi and decentralized finance field in general, as well as in the blockchain market in general. For example, GameFi’s market capitalization is huge, so we aim to expand and grow this space even further.

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