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Schneider is ready to contribute more to Turkey’s digital transformation



Leading the digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric reiterated the company’s commitment to promoting energy efficiency and digital transformation, emphasizing its long-term commitment to Turkey’s sustainable growth, on the occasion of Manish Pant’s visit to Turkey, Vice President of International Markets.

Having contacted various institutions, especially TÜSİAD, and held meetings with the leaders of the Turkish business world and industry stakeholders, Pant shared the critical importance of fast and determined climate actions, energy efficiency and digitalization in ensuring sustainable growth. It also highlighted the need for collaborative development in addressing the challenges posed by climate change, economic fluctuations and the rapidly evolving energy landscape.

In his statements, Manish Pant; “It is an undeniable fact that the world needs rapid and decisive global action due to climate change. An unsustainable energy model lies at the root of the intertwined climate and energy crises. Excessive dependence on carbon-intensive energy sources such as coal and oil, combined with limited suppliers, leads to “The digital revolution becomes critical at this point. We, as Schneider Electric, operate in more than 100 countries in this direction. We offer digital solutions for the safe, efficient and sustainable use of energy. In this context, we prioritize the transformation of Turkey, where we have been operating for 35 years, and support breakthroughs that are important for both the country and the region.”

Pant also appreciated Turkey’s proactive stance on climate action and said, “Turkey is making significant investments with commitment to renewable energy and continues its net zero journey with ambitious future targets such as reducing fossil fuel imports. As Schneider Electric, we also consider Turkey’s sustainability as an economic strategy. “We are happy to be partners in the efforts to create synergy between economic growth and environmental responsibility by adopting a new approach. We will continue to support the transition of institutions, especially SMEs, which are the locomotive of the Turkish economy, to green and circular practices, and to invest in the future of Turkey.” .

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