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SIEMENS continues its progress in wireless electric vehicle charging



CharIN; Siemens AG formed the Wireless Power Transmission Development Team under the leadership of WiTricity and MAHLE. The team aims to provide a seamless wireless charging experience by promoting worldwide adoption and standardization of wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles. This development team, which is open to the participation of industry experts, will start in September.

The establishment of the Wireless Power Transmission Development Team is based on the need to provide seamless wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles. Gaps in this area pose challenges for vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and hinder the rapid adoption of wireless charging. The CharIN Development Team, established under the leadership of Siemens AG, WiTricity and MAHLE, aims to close these gaps in a timely manner and ensure the successful integration and effective use of wireless power transfer technology into the developing electric mobility ecosystem.

The CharIN Team will actively work to harmonize standards in wireless power transfer (WPT) technology for charging vehicles, focusing on the static 11 kW charging system. The CharIN Team aims to create a foundation for seamless, efficient and universal wireless charging solutions by addressing gaps in existing WPT standards. Identifying situations where wireless charging can be used will play a crucial role in the integration of this technology into various electric vehicle platforms. By defining rigorous testing procedures and certification guidelines for interoperability principles, the CharIN Team aims to ensure that wireless charging solutions are reliable, efficient and compatible with different platforms. The CharIN Team will also focus on ensuring the interoperability of technologies related to wireless power transfer and promote the development of a harmonious ecosystem for the future of electric vehicle charging.

Making a statement on the subject, CharIN e.V. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Claas Bracklo, said: “With the establishment of the new CharIN Development Team, we are paving the way for a new era in the field of smart charging. “By sharing knowledge and encouraging collaboration, we are supporting the seamless integration of wireless charging solutions and energizing the future of electric vehicles worldwide.”

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