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Turkey’s first solar power plant investment in Romania from YEO Technology



YEO Teknoloji GES Defic Globe Romania

YEO Technology, as a renewable energy and energy technologies brand, continues to move determinedly towards its growth targets with its European subsidiary, Defic Globe. Focusing on license development activities in Europe, YEO is accelerating its investments. The 18.5 MWp capacity solar power plant in the Caracal region of Romania, supported by European financing from DHB Bank, started production. Through the power plant, YEO will contribute to the protection of approximately 165 thousand trees, reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a green world. The carbon gas to be prevented from being released corresponds to 32,300 tons.

Clean energy started to reach the system

The opening of the Caracal solar power plant was held at a ceremony attended by YEO Technology CEO Tolunay Yıldız, Emsolt CEO Alper Tuncer, Defic Globe General Manager Yaşar Tuncer, DHB Bank General Manager Okan Balköse, Caracal Mayor Ion Doldurea and local embassy representatives of the Republic of Turkey. With the ceremony, electricity produced with renewable energy started to be supplied to the grid in Romania.

Defic Globe, of which YEO is a 51 percent partner, continues its work without slowing down in line with its goal of developing and investing in European-based renewable energy projects. The Romanian Caracal project is an important step for YEO and Defic Globe. YEO aims to reach a renewable energy portfolio of 1 GW by 2030.

Target 1 GW clean energy

Speaking at the ceremony, YEO Technology CEO Tolunay Yıldız stated that they kept their promise to grow in Europe and said: “As YEO Technology, we continue to work for a sustainable world in different regions. By providing the financing of the Caracal project from European sources; We have taken a concrete step towards becoming a global player with our investor identity. Romanian investment will be an important step that will help us lead Turkish initiatives. As YEO, we will grow in green energy with our offices and projects in different geographies of the world, with a target of 1 GW capacity by 2030. We will continue to offer comprehensive solutions in the fields of renewable energy and digital transformation with our work focused on decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization. We continue on our way for a more livable world by saying ‘We think it is possible’.”

While YEO steadily progresses towards its goals, it draws attention with its offices in different locations around the world and its ability to do international business. With the project in question, YEO has moved towards becoming an international player by providing its financing from European sources and has further strengthened its investor identity.

YEO Technology positions itself as EPC, especially in the field of renewable energy, and provides turnkey installation services with end-to-end solutions. In addition to the active global business development network it has created, it also provides investors in the field of renewable energy with its financial collaborations; It produces permanent solutions in matters such as finance, project, licensing, engineering, construction, purchasing and auditing.

About Defic Globe:

Defic Globe was founded in 2021, in partnership with YEO Technology and Emsolt, with the aim of realizing comprehensive renewable energy projects on a global scale. Defic Globe, where YEO and Emsolt combine their expertise and experience in project development, construction and financial services to support a carbon-free world, is strengthening its presence in Europe and the Middle East day by day. Defic Globe, 51 percent of which belongs to YEO Technology, provides services in the development, financing, construction and operation of sustainable renewable energy projects with its expert team in technical and financial fields.