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Air-driven Double Diaphragm Pumps in Chemical Industry



Air-driven double diaphragm pumps are the most simple and convenient design pumps in chemical plants. They are preferred in chemical facilities due to their simple design and ease of use.

A simple AODD pump design uses compressed air to drive diaphragms that pump the desired fluid. AODD pumps use ball and check valves that open and close, allowing fluid to enter and exit the diaphragm chamber. The pump is capable of producing a fluid outlet pressure equal to the air pressure used to operate the pump assembly. While the diaphragms are balanced by air pressure on one side and the fluid process pressure on the other, they are subjected to very little stress and complete millions of cycles before possible failure due to fatigue. During the suction stroke of the diaphragm, the air behind the diaphragm also escapes to the atmosphere.

Simple design

AODD pumps have a simple design. These features, also create convenience in engineering specifications and documents. No electric motor is required to operate the pump, so documents and specifications containing motor data are not required.

There are many corrosive and non-corrosive applications in chemical plants. It is very important that the pump has different material options and can be easily selected. As AODD pumps offer metal and plastic material options, it gives the possibility to make the right choice for the application. Metal materials include higher alloy options such as aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, and Hastelloy C for more corrosive applications. It is very important for the inventory of an enterprise that parts in plastic or metal pumps are the same size and interchangeable. Plastic materials such as Polypropylene, PVDF, PFA, and conductive material options in AODD pumps allow pump users to develop the pump and use it in different applications.


AODD pumps allow unique combinations of safety in chemical process pumps. The most important point is that AODD pumps work with an air and do not need electricity. By using only air and properly grounded, AODD pumps can be used safely in even inflammable fluid environments.

Multiple application aspects should be considered when adding new processes to the chemical plant. In most cases, you may be pumping clean fluids at ambient temperature. However, chemical production conditions can differ significantly in the chemical plant. Different types of pumping may be needed in different applications. If you are looking for pumps that require compatibility with different applications and conditions, it is recommended that you first evaluate AODD pumps. Chemical reactions may cause an increase in fluid properties such as solid particle ratio, viscosity, weight. While AODD pumps accommodate all these changes, there may be some limitations. Therefore, the limits set by the manufacturer should always be considered.

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