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New Generation Wet Rotor Circulation Pump from Lowara: Ecocirc XL



LOWARA has added Ecocirc XL and XL Plus products to its highly efficient circulation pump series for its solutions in water technologies.

Lowara specially designed the Ecocirc XL / XL Plus series for HVAC and geothermal systems. The unique Anti-Block Technology of the Ecocirc series up to 100W, which separates the main flow and the fixed magnetic parts during liquid transfer, ensures that the pump is resistant to blockages caused by dirt and lime. In XL and XL Plus models, this technology is supported by a filtered closed (canned) engine design.

The new Ecocirc XL / XL Plus series with 3 types as single, twin, and bronze; offers two different control options: constant/proportional pressure and constant/proportional flow. Thanks to the automatic night mode, when the pump is not needed, it reduces the energy cost significantly by minimizing the operating performance.

The user-friendly digital interface of the new Ecocirc XL / XL Plus keeps the data entered by the users such as operating / error mode, flow control, and operating values ​​in its memory, while at the same time, it is also possible to save the historical pump data, pump operating values ​​showing the current situation, laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones. It allows easy access via phones. The system can be easily accessed via any browser on smartphones, without the need for an additional application.

Here are the highlights of the Lowara Ecocirc XL circulators

Communication capability: It is fully compatible with Modbus and BACnet protocols, there is no need for an intermediate module. (Plus Model)
Temperature Protection: The insulation jacket ensures that the temperature of the pressurized liquid (and environment) is kept at the required value.
Easy to use: The new Ecocirc XL is extremely easy to set up and use with four buttons placed on the screen. Thanks to BUS and Wi-Fi (optional module) connectivity, you can easily access your advanced pump settings using your computer, tablet or smartphone.
Safe: Thanks to the built-in dry run protection feature, it shuts down the pump when there is no water, thus preventing possible damage.
Flexibility: There are two analog inputs and one temperature sensor for 4-20 mA and 0-10V signals.
Problem-free operation with cold water: The electronics are separated from the pump in order to avoid condensation problems while transferring cold water.
Led Screen, which can be easily read even in low light environments: The screen with large numbers and symbols offers easy readability even in low light installations.
Low operating cost: Your operating costs are minimized with the highly efficient ECM engine and EEI value even better than ErP 2015 level.

  • Flow rate: 70m³ / h
  • Head: 13m (18m. 2015)
  • Temperature: -10 C ÷ + 110 C
  • Operating Pressure: PN10
  • Insulation class: F
  • Protection class: IP44
  • Wear Ring: AISI304
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