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Shall IoT go mainstream?



Blynk IoT Platform is about to open up its enterprise IoT software to developers.

Blynk launches the next generation IoT application building platform, opening its enterprise-grade software to the global community of over 500,000 developers, accelerating innovation in the space.

The new Blynk platform will empower millions of engineers and entrepreneurs worldwide to build and commercialize new connected products without the heavy investment typically required to start an IoT-enabled business. The new software is designed to support projects at any scale. From personal DIY projects to millions of commercial connected devices, the out-of-the-box platform offering will cover 90-100% of use cases a business can face in the first few years of IoT operations.

Founded in 2014, Blynk pioneered the no-code approach to IoT app building and gained global popularity for its mobile app editor. The brand new Blynk version maintains that same foundation of ultimate user-friendliness and boosts it with the advanced functionality that covers every important aspect of a commercial IoT solution. From device provisioning and management to data hosting in the cloud, remote control via mobile and web apps, firmware over-the-air updates, user and organization management, data analytics, all kinds of automation, and so much more.

Pavlo Bayborodin, Founder and CEO of Blynk, says: “We spent the last 3 years turning Blynk into the most user-friendly and well-designed commercial IoT software platform in the world. The mission of new Blynk is to further eliminate barriers of entry for new IoT-powered businesses of all sizes. IoT solutions will no longer be a privilege of companies with large engineering teams.”

With the new Blynk platform, you have the choice to publish your own branded app to the App Store and Google Play, or you can have clients download the Blynk app and pair it with your product. The Blynk app has been downloaded by more than 1.5M users globally, so going the unbranded route – on top of being super affordable – can also give your user acquisition efforts a big head start.

Blynk’s success in accelerating IoT development continues to receive broad support from across the industry.

The new Blynk platform will be available for sign up on the company website on May 25th and mobile apps can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. The pricing model is very flexible and is aimed to fit businesses at every stage of their growth.