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Alapala, one of the milling machine manufacturers, was given “R&D Center Certificate” by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. With this document, the company will be the R&D gateway to the whole world from Çorum by increasing its investments on innovative solutions that the agriculture and food industry needs.

Alapala Makina has been awarded the “R&D Center” certificate from the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Alapala Makina, which has signed more than 600 turnkey factory projects worldwide with its 65 years of experience and currently exports machinery to more than 120 countries, has become an R&D Center with the certificate received from the Ministry of Industry and Technology. With this document, the company will focus on the production of new machinery and the development of the country’s economy due to machinery exports.

From Europe to America, in 4 continents, in more than 100 countries; Alapala, which has established turnkey factories with everything from construction to technology and machines used inside, establishes factories of global pasta and flour brands in many countries including developed industrial countries such as Germany, France, Italy and the USA. “Turkey’s Top Exporter 1000” located between Alapala, while the machinery sector is Turkey’s largest exporter. Alapala brand for Turkey; Together with Switzerland, China, Italy and Brazil, it has become one of the 5 countries that produce milling machines in the world.

2 percent of our turnover is for R&D

Making a statement on the subject, Görkem Alapala, CEO of Alapala Makine, underlined that they have attached great importance to innovation since their establishment and emphasized that the “R&D Center” document they received from the Ministry of Industry and Technology is of great importance in this sense.

Alapala, “Our goal as a company where tradition meets technology; To bring innovative and innovative ideas to our customers. For this, we attach great importance to research and development activities and investments in this field.

We allocate an average of 2 percent of our annual turnover for R&D studies. We carry out R&D studies in an area of ​​250 square meters and 19 people work in our center. We are currently working on the machine park and new projects that we are currently working on.

In this period when Industry 4.0 and robotic technologies are advancing rapidly in the world, we are working to do our best to prevent our country from falling behind in these areas. “We will focus more on our work in this field with the incentives to be provided in return for this document we received from the Ministry.”

“We will make 3 patent applications in 2019”

Alapala continued his words as follows, “In 2015, we established Alapala R&D Engineering company in Çorum Teknokent and continued our R&D activities with this company. Since the first day we were founded, we have been producing projects in cooperation with organizations such as TUBITAK and universities for the last 3 years, using our own resources. We export the technology developed by our team of 19 people to the world. We realize an average of 20 turnkey projects per year. We have obtained 29 patents and 15 design registrations so far. Our work on this subject is gaining momentum with each passing day. In 2018, we applied for 4 patents and 5 design registrations. We aim to make 3 patents and 9 Design Registration applications in 2019. “

KOSGEB and TUBITAK R&D Project completed

Alapala, who also touched on the goals of establishing smart factories by adapting the equipment used in the machine and mill process to Industry 4.0, said, “We have completed 1 KOSGEB R&D and 1 TUBİTAK Industry R&D Project in the last 3 years. Our R&D facility project with a budget of approximately 3 million TL, which has been ongoing since 2017, continues. Our project, which we applied to the Ministry of Economy, is at the evaluation stage. We have also been included in the INOSUIT program to create the SYSTEMSEL and CORPORATE infrastructure of Innovation within the scope of University-Industry cooperation. This and initiatives and investments like this Alapala and Turkey will put forward in the world in terms of industry, “he said.


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