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ISIDEM Yalıtım, manufactured domestic EPDM elastomeric rubber foam



ISIDEM Yalıtım, manufactured Turkey’s first 100% domestic brand Coolflex HT, high temperature resistant, EPDM elastomeric rubber foam.

ISIDEM Yalıtım, the first producer of halogen-free elastomeric rubber foam in Turkey, again scored another first. It produced EPDM-based elastomeric rubber foam under the brand name Coolflex HT. Coolflex HT, which is highly resistant to heat thanks to its closed-cell structure, is generally used in heating lines.

Resistant up to 150 ° C

Coolflex HT is used in installations with high fluid temperatures up to 150 ° C.

Minimum energy loss

Coolflex HT minimizes energy loss with its low thermal conductivity coefficient.

Closed pore and reinforced cell structure

Coolflex HT is highly resistant to water vapor thanks to its closed-cell and reinforced cell structure.

Healthy and easy application

Coolflex HT can be applied easily thanks to its flexible structure. In addition, since it does not contain harmful substances such as dust and fiber, it provides a healthy application opportunity.