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Akyapak offers versatile processing capability in small areas with Meteor 1200



Engaged in manufacturing of steel construction technologies in the world from Turkey Akyapak drilling line; The Meteor 1200 model, developed for small and medium-sized structural steel manufacturers, attracts attention this year. The company offers versatile processing capability in smaller areas with this machine.

Offering solutions for large and challenging materials with its machines, Akyapak Makine diversifies its product portfolio with its technological investments and innovative R&D departments. While Akyapak METEOR 1200 single spindle hole drilling line, which is recently developed by Akyapak, offers versatile processing capability in smaller areas; It is also preferred as it pays off its investment in a short time. The hole drilling capacity of METEOR 1200, which has fully CNC controlled, 6 automatic tool changers, laser automatic material and tool length measurement technical features, is between 10-40 mm diameters. With the METEOR 1200 single spindle drilling line, its users can perform operations such as pocketing, slotting, diving, guiding and milling, countersinking in various ways with Akyapak assurance.

Akyapak Makine, which stands out with the production of sheet metal, pipe and profile bending machines in the market and steel construction lines where a limited number of manufacturers operate in the world; It meets the needs of many different sectors with its bombe press, welding solutions and oxyplasma cutting machines. Akyapak, which produces an average of 1,500 machines annually, exports 80 percent of its production to 112 countries in 6 continents.

Continuing investments in Akyapak outside Turkey, America and Akyapakus and opened the Akyapakrussia order to provide on-site sales and service in Russia. There is also a 1,500 square meter exhibition and sales area in Tampa, Florida, for the AkyapakUSA structuring.