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Boerger’s new high-temperature test stand



Boerger completed a new high-temperature test stand.

The test stand can test pumps for the conveyance of fluids with temperatures of up to 300 °C. Future operating conditions are simulated perfectly.

Boerger is one of few manufacturers of displacement pumps, who have such a test stand in their company.

The test stand is equipped with rev counters, pressure sensors, flow meters, and temperature sensors in the piping and for the ambient temperature. In addition, it provides the option to install various temperature sensors at the pump.

The temperatures of the gear oil, bearings, surfaces, and seals are continuously recorded and stored. Measurements of flow rates, pressure pulsations, and the frequency band at the pump are possible as well.

For safety reasons, the high-temperature test stand is controlled from behind an insulating wall. The tests are supervised through a safety-glass pane.


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