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Top 4 Benefits of a STOBER Servo Motor



STOBER’s servo motors and geared motors are powerful, durable, and offer numerous advantages to users.

There are 4 major benefits of a STOBER motor, including:

  • Compact size: STOBER’s geared motors are super-compact, allowing users to reduce their machine’s envelope and save up to 45% on length.
  • Dynamic: STOBER’s geared motors help to save money, gain stiffness, improve the precision with lower backlash, and have less inertia.
  • Adaptability: From right angle to inline, planetary to helical, STOBER has the solution to meet the needs. Motors are adaptable to multiple setup types and to any gearbox that STOBER build. Helical offerings give users more mounting flexibility and allow them to take advantage of higher input speeds. Additionally, STOBER’s geared motors are available with food duty lube, food duty paint, and stainless steel shafts. 
  • Runs cooler: Forced ventilation keeps the motor cool and gives more torque for the application. With a STOBER motor, users can also eliminate extra components, which reduces heat and improves efficiency and motor capacity.  STOBER gearboxes also run cooler than any others on the market.


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