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TYROLIT REVERSE allows you to leap forward



TYROLIT developed the ultimate solution to process laminated glass in an effective way, by equally reducing stress to the tool and the work piece.

Laminated glass grinding is a widespread application in the construction of architectural and structural façades. The need to regularly stop grinding machines to remove the built up plastic waste during the processing of laminated glass can however present a problem. To solve these problems, which make processes less effective, TYROLIT product specialists developed a wheel with a new concept. In 2019, TYROLIT brought the REVERSE to market with great success.

The wheel features different slots angled in opposite directions – hence the name REVERSE – which are designed to break plastic waste into small fragments that can be easily extracted from the grinding area.

The regular and effective removal of plastic fragments has significant positive effects also on the diamond band of the grinding wheel. Once free of processing waste the wheels work with no overheating. This is an essential condition to obtain an enhanced finishing quality of the edge. It also reduces deformation and wear of diamond wheels, thus improving diamond tool life up to 30%. Moreover, the new REVERSE wheels allow a 20% faster working speed compared to the standard wheels.

Users, who are working with laminated glass every day, will benefit not only from the faster working speeds, but also from the removal of the tedious resetting processes previously caused by machine stoppages.


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